The Boston area luxury real estate market is unique. Not only are the prices higher than the majority of the rest of the country, but each property also offers potential buyers a different kind of luxury lifestyle. Whether the luxury property you’d like to sell is a country manor in Bolton or a sprawling estate tucked away in a Stow neighborhood, a tailored marketing strategy is critical.

And while the marketing strategy for your home will vary from your neighbor’s, there are specific activities that a luxury real estate agent should employ when selling your luxury home.

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Target the Right Buyer
Above all else, your home must be marketed to the right buyer- and that means your agent must who to target. Luxury buyers have needs that are distinctive, so it’s essential that you employ a luxury agent who understands the types of audience your property will appeal to.

Deliver Top Quality Marketing Materials
To gain the attention of luxury buyers, the materials that market the property must reflect the quality of the listing.  This includes high-quality images, videos, and printed materials that convey the most relevant selling points of the property to the target audience. Unlike other properties, buyers in the specialized market of luxury homes are not just interested in the features of the home, but of the lifestyle the home provides.

Actively Market on Social Media
Social media is a crucial part of any marketing strategy and should not be one looked over when marketing a luxury property. In fact, recent research has shown that over 75 percent of internet users with an annual income of $75,000+ have at least one social media account.

But your agent shouldn’t stop at just a social post about your property.  Advertising your luxury property on social media plays a huge role, too.  Because social media advertisements allow agents to target users based on location, demographics, user interests, and more, social media marketing increases the likelihood of reaching the right buyers.

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Provide a Timely Response
As your agent’s marketing efforts generate engagement, any inquiries made about your home should be responded to as quickly as possible. Afterall, an experienced agent knows the value of a timely response to a potential buyers’ questions.

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An effective luxury real estate marketing strategy begins with the right Realtor. With experience with luxury properties in the Boston/ Worcester areas and members of the distinguished Luxury Home Institute, our agents are prepared to work with luxury sellers to create an exclusive marketing strategy designed specifically for your property. If you are ready to sell or are considering selling in the future, please contact us today.