If you’ve lived in the Boston for any length of time, chances
are you’ve experienced the romantic thrill of falling in love with our great
city. From the iconic swan boats in the Public Garden to the contagious local
team spirit (Go Pats!), Boston’s unique flavor has charmed residents and visitor for

On the other hand, if you’ve lived in Boston for long enough,
you’ve probably also had the disillusioning experience of falling out of
love…most likely as soon as your first rent check clears the bank.

For many young, starry-eyed Bostonians, living in a vintage
apartment in the thick of the city is considered urban, interesting, fun, and
even “cultured.” But with the advent of kids or a demanding job (or both),
those rose-colored glasses are prone to cracks. “Hip and glamorous” become
“loud and expensive.” Your “cozy” apartment becomes “cramped” and that
“up-and-coming neighborhood” is revealed to be a less-than-desirable school

So how do you really know if you’ve outgrown Boston? Keep
reading for some dead giveaways…

You’re paying way too
much for a condo that’s way too small.

You don’t mind paying your rent or mortgage payments (well,
maybe a little…), but the part that really gets under your skin is what you’re
actually getting for that hefty sum. As you start to value “open floor plans”
over “urban location”, low square footage just doesn’t cut it anymore.

You’re already thinking
of your kids’ education.

If you know anything about the Boston education scene, you’re
probably aware that the public education scene is not the best the state has to offer. When you
have kids, the last thing you want to do is compromise their education for a
piece of real estate. Thankfully, the MetroWest area offers some of the best
schools in the state!

You’re aching for some
peace and quiet (and nature!)

The urban scene can be fun and exciting…but at the end of the
day, many families just want some natural peace and quiet. MetroWest towns and
neighborhoods are literally blooming with natural parks, gardens, and green
spaces. Generous backyards and quick New England getaways are at your
fingertips in the MetroWest area.

Why the MetroWest

So we’ve determined that for many 30-somethings and their
growing families, those trendy urban condos have revealed themselves to
be…just a little too central (as evidenced by the gridlocked traffic and
skyrocketing price per square foot). What now? With spacious properties,
attractive neighborhoods, affordable prices, and top-rated public schools, the
choice for young families in the Boston area is clear: the MetroWest suburbs
might just be heaven on earth (Massachusetts style).

If you’re interested in
taking a gander at the available properties for first time buyers/ new to the ‘burbs buyers in the MetroWest area, we’d love to
show you around! Here are some of the idyllic communities we recommend:











Want to see them for yourself? We’d love to be your tour guides.