Just because the temperatures have plummeted into the single digits doesn’t mean you should break out your long johns and sweaters and wait until March to prepare to sell your home.

We often tell sellers tell us in the winter, “we’re not in a hurry”. What they don’t realize is they should be in a hurry.

Each year in February or March, sellers come to us and they want to get their home listed…now. But, what they may not realize is that it takes time to prepare a home to sell! De-cluttering, staging, minor touchups… the list can be daunting at first, and it takes some time to get all those items checked off the list.

Yep, the spring market is on the horizon, but don’t wait until it is in full-swing to get your home ready to list. If you spend the winter months preparing for the spring, you’ll find yourself ready to move fast when buyers come out of hibernation!