With rising home prices, more and more homeowners are choosing
to invest in remodels and renovations. And if you’ve owned your home for any
length of time, chances are you know what its weak spots are. But which fixes and repairs will
actually make a difference when it comes
time to sell? Before you put time and energy into a pointless (and potentially
expensive) project, take a look at the facts! The Remodeling
2017 Cost vs. Value Report details a full list
of Boston, New England and national trends and project descriptions.

Below, we’ve outlined the top 3 midrange and upscale projects
that offer the best ROI (return on investment) in the Boston area!

Fiberglass Attic
Insulation (93% ROI)

It may be a messy job, but fiberglass attic insulation will
keep indoor temperatures stable and comfortable all year. Whether you choose to
hire a professional or DIY, this project will yield a high return on

Steel Entry Door
Replacements (84.2% ROI)

Besides being your home’s “first impression” to guests and
potential buyers, your front door also greatly impacts energy use and
consumption. As the least expensive option, steel doors are sturdy, attractive,
and reliable, yielding over 84% ROI.

Minor Kitchen Remodels
(74.4% ROI)

According to the 2017 Cost vs Value Report, a functional but
dated 200-square-foot kitchen with 30 linear feet of cabinetry and countertops
would benefit from new fronts, hardware, improved cooktop and oven range, and
energy efficient features. The report also recommends replacing laminate countertops
and installing a mid-priced sink and faucet. Repaint trim, add wall covering,
and remove and replace resilient flooring for top ROI!

Garage Door Replacements
(85% ROI)

If your garage door is finicky, unsafe, squeaky, or just plain
ugly, it may be worth replacing. Not only will your home immediately gain more
value…its curb appeal will also skyrocket! This 85% ROI is based on a
high-quality garage door replacement with a lifetime warranty.

Wood + Vinyl Window
Replacements (73.8% and 70.9% ROI)

Increase energy efficiency and improve your views! Installing
either wood or vinyl windows will yield a high ROI, with wood providing a
slightly higher percentage.

Universal Bathroom
Designs (67.4% ROI)

You might have to childproof your home, but your home’s next
residents may need handicap accessible features. How do you plan for both? The
concept of “universal bathroom design” allows accessibility for all ages,
sizes, and ability levels! This type of design is increasingly valued in the
housing market. Universal bathroom features may include curbless showers,
slip-resistant floors, wall-mounted sinks, large doors, tall toilets, etc.

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