A Realtor With Integrity

Deb Kotlarz is a realtor with integrity.

Deb assisted us in the short sale of our home this past spring. We were very appreciative of the respect, understanding and patience she displayed given the emotional and financial stress of our situation. And while other agents were uncomfortable engaging in a short sale situation, Deb had already educated herself on this new market trend, successfully completed several short sales, and established a team of professionals with a wealth of experience in this complicated area to call upon when the time came to complete the sale. She quickly established herself as someone we could trust in having the expertise to guide us through this unknown territory.

Deb’s knowledge of the market, intuition and sense of timing were very evident in her marketing strategy for our property. With a carefully thought out plan, she scheduled open houses, pricing adjustments and even approaching “outside the box” buyers. Once the transaction was underway, she continued to actively manage the process and all the requirements, issues and people involved to ensure our closing went off without a hitch. As sellers, we really appreciated the checklist she gave us to make sure our certificates and inspections were successfully completed so there would be no last minute issues at closing.

An unexpected benefit of working with Deb is not only do you get Deb, you get the network of resources and contacts she has cultivated over the years. Whatever you may need help with — a stager, an HVAC contractor, a painter, a Title V inspector, a lawyer experienced in short sales, etc. Deb has someone to call that she knows and trusts will do a great job for you. And when you do call them and say you are working with Deb, it’s clear by their responsiveness and how they treat you that they, in turn, value and respect their business relationships with Deb and her trust in referring her clients to them.

The biggest impression Deb made on us is that she is far more than a realtor — she’s almost like having your own personal life coach. With Deb, it’s not just about selling your house — it’s about what you’re trying to accomplish in your life by selling your house and what your goals are in doing so. Not only does she listen, she hears you and sincerely takes the time to clearly understand your needs; then works diligently to find the best solution to meet those needs. As stressful as selling your home can be and the number of times you doubt yourself, Deb is like having your own champion in your corner to keep you focused on your goals and make sure you don’t lose sight of them. We have successfully moved on to our new life and are very grateful to Deb for the role she played in getting us here.

— Carol Yates - 2014